Friday, December 24, 2004

God is so Good and I am so bored!

God did prevail and the tech boys were able to get the sites up and the devotionals running again!!!! What a great team we have! But that means there is no one in the office today except Mandy and I. I have no work to do, Karen is on holidays so Karen is not around. I am so bored and its only 8:12! I think that its time to sing the song "I am slowly going crazy, crazy I am going." Oh well this gives me the time to catch up on my blogging.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Making a difference

Tuesday evening our web servers were compromised by a hacker, causing all of our servers and sites to be affected. Our staff have been working through the night to restore the systems. I have been thinking, God is using our sites to bring the Knowledge of Christ to the nation and the enemy is not happy. Just think Satan is so unhappy that he had to go to such great lengths to take us down. But God prevails and we know we have won this battle already. God knew this was going to happen and maybe its all in his plan. Please pray for us and that Satan will not have power over this situation. Please pray for the guy who created the worm. This person really needs pray because he obviously has nothing better to do than corrupt someone's hard work. God will triumph!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Nothing to say

I can't think of anything to say so I am going to take advice from my good friend Claire and type like the telegram in Sound of Music. Stop. Heee hee Stop. See this get old fast stop. My brain hurts stop. Oh well stop. Got to go to kickboxing stop.

PS. Sound of Music- a great movie! Hee hee if only I was 16 going onto 17 stop.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Another year older

Well, in 3 days I am going to be 27 years old. Yahhh, I am going to be 30 in 3 years. I can't be that close.

When I watch these reality shows and there are these really mature looking people my age and with this really mature lives, I wonder what has happened to me.

Oh well, I have learned so much in this year. I heard this song from Nina Simone that I really love, its called "Feeling Good". There is a line that I love, it says:

"It's a new day, it's a new dawn"

This sums up this past year, it has been a year of new transitions. I guess getting older has its perks.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Dancing Girl

After long planning and thinking, my friends and I had our annual "Girls night out" which was post-poned for 2 years on account that my good friend, was pregnant with twins. We rented a limo and headed out to Roosters. Roosters is a country and western bar. I am not a fan of country music but I know that they play other music. Well,it was such an awesome evening! it was great, I danced all night and to music that I didn't even know! It was a night that my friends and I are going to talk about for a very long time.

Sometimes a girl just has to dance. Because well you know, Girls just want to have fun!

Friday, November 12, 2004

See this is my beautiful Golden Retriever! Posted by Hello

My Ode to Fall

I love Fall. I love everything about Fall. I love how the trees change color and the air is crisp but sunny. My favorite thing to do on an Autman Saturday is to put on my warm sweater with my favorite toque and take my most wonderful dog, Molson Golden (he is a golden retriever)and walk throught the leaves. And of course the best part is ending up at my favorite coffee spot, Starbucks, to have a pumpkin spice latte. Ahhh life is good! I thank God for seasons, especially Fall.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Death to pickles the fat hobbit

As I was entering my first blog entery, Rob came to offer me a cookie(thanks Patricia it was yummy) and he noticed that I was blogging. I told him my name and he had no clue. I guess Americans don't know a lot about LM Montgomery. He suggested I should call it Pickles the fat hobbit. He found out at our "Canadian" thanksgiving that my nick name use to be pickles and well I made a comment after dinner that I was a "fat hobbit". I'm sorry Rob it would have been funny but I got to go with who I really am. A girl who loves Anne of Green Gables.

I joined the club!

Yes, I joined the blogging community. I am so excited I am now in the "in" crowd. Life is funny that way. In high school you strive to be "cool" but once you get out of high school and in the really world being yourself is so much more cooler than being part of the crowd. I think thats a big lession I have been learning. Self-confidence is so much cooler than just another follower. Ah ahh I say this after I decide to start a blog like everyone else. Oh well, sometimes you have to follow the crowd sometimes!

Just for all of you who are confused by my title its about "Road to Avonlea" one of my favorite books by my all time favorite Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. And no I don't sell Avon .