Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Gravy Attacked ME!

What is it with food causing me bodily injury? First it was the avacado almost cutting my thumb off, now it's the gravy!

On Sunday we were at my in-laws (wow, I have in-laws) for Graham's birthday and we were having a delicious turkey dinner, as I was standing at the island dishing my dinner out, I went to pour the "hot off the stove" gravy on my mashed potatoes. It came to fast, off my plate on to my wrist, where I incurred a 3rd degree burn. Luckily, I was surrounded by two sets of parents (mine and Graham's) who quickly rushed into action and held my wrist under cold water for half an hour.

So now I have a bandage around my wrist and I really hope I don't get a scar because it's a pretty big burn. Graham's mom gave me some medicated burn cream from when she was going through radiation for breast cancer so that is helping it heal. It sure stings though, I definitely think dying by fire would be the worst death ever.