Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Gravy Attacked ME!

What is it with food causing me bodily injury? First it was the avacado almost cutting my thumb off, now it's the gravy!

On Sunday we were at my in-laws (wow, I have in-laws) for Graham's birthday and we were having a delicious turkey dinner, as I was standing at the island dishing my dinner out, I went to pour the "hot off the stove" gravy on my mashed potatoes. It came to fast, off my plate on to my wrist, where I incurred a 3rd degree burn. Luckily, I was surrounded by two sets of parents (mine and Graham's) who quickly rushed into action and held my wrist under cold water for half an hour.

So now I have a bandage around my wrist and I really hope I don't get a scar because it's a pretty big burn. Graham's mom gave me some medicated burn cream from when she was going through radiation for breast cancer so that is helping it heal. It sure stings though, I definitely think dying by fire would be the worst death ever.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More pictures

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A picture

I still have to respect Graham's decision not to be on the blog so I will post the one picture that I have and it's only of me and my friend Erika. Hopefully, we will have more pictures tonight because we are going to see the photographer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coming at you as Mrs. Graham Kullman

I know a lot of you have been dying for me to update my blog with pics and all the dirt. I don't have any pictures, still waiting on the photographer for that, how come everyone else has pictures but us? :-) The day was perfect we had great weather, no hiccups except Graham's cuff links had to be driven to him an hour before he needed to be at the church. Someone told me before the day not to sweat the small stuff so I was pretty calm. I wasn't a late bride!!! Graham was so eager to get married he jumped the gun and said "I do" before the pastor actually told him what he was saying "I do" too. It eased the tension. I dropped Graham's ring when I went to go put it on his finger, hey at least I was being myself, a clutz.

The reception was a blast, both families were dancing together it was like an old party with old friends. Well it really was since our families go way back. I danced my feet off. I have always said that at my wedding I don't care but I am going to dance, dance, dance. Graham cried when he gave his speech to me. He is such a teddy bear on the inside! and a cuddly one on the outside :-)

We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon, Graham got sick so we stuck around the pool and took it easy.

Married life has been busy since we got home. We thought it would slow down after the wedding, that is funny.

As a wedding present from Graham, he got me a puppy!!!!!! He is 10 weeks now we have had him for 2 weeks. He is a black lab/border collie, all black with a small white patch on his chest. We named him Duke because Graham has a cat named dutch (he is all black too) so we thought it would be funny to call them Duke and Dutch, we really didn't think that one through. When I go to call Duke I slip up and call him Dutch and vice a versa. Poor dog probably has schizophrenia by now.

It was definately not the wises thing to get a puppy being first married but if we can handle it we can handle anything :-)

Well got to go, I have stayed late to blog but the poor puppy needs to let out of the grate.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

We have been so busy with wedding stuff and family stuff. My Auntie Bev threw a surprise shower for me on Saturday and I was fooled. Everyone was in on it and I had no clue. I thought I was going to my Auntie Bev's surprise 60th birthday party. I guess the surprise was on me.

On the long weekend, Graham and I and our friends went camping!!! We had a blast, we went to Hope and went tubing and boating on Kakawa lake. It was great weather, great food (Graham cooked campfire style!!) and great people. I love summer!!!

I can't believe that it is August 14th already.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where did July go?

July has been a whirlwind of events. Everything is coming together well. 53 days left and we have a lot accomplished. We are busy now with the small little details but it's all really fun.

Christie moved out last weekend and so I finally have my place back until Graham moves in. Yes, I jumped on my couch :-) I also danced in her room! Graham's condo goes on the market tomorrow. So if you are looking to buy a two bedroom, one bathroom condo in Langley let me know!!

My Grandma has really settled into her new home. She is getting to know some people and she is participating in the little things that are going on.

Oh well, I have to go. Pickles the Fat Hobbit has a lot to do. Soon she will be Mrs.Pickles the Fat Hobbit. Hmm Graham needs a name. I think it should be Gordo the Fat Hobbit, right Kimu?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A year without Molson

July 2 will be the anniversary of Molson's passing. I still miss him but it is getting easier. Another furry dog has not taken his place but has refocused my affection. Sometimes I see glimpses of Molson in Bella and I catch myself. My screen saver of Molson that I couldn't imagine taking down now has been replaced with Graham and I. Last year around that time I was mourning and on July 1 I will be celebrating, July 1 is Graham and my engagement party. Like in the Bible there is a time for all things. A time to dance, a time to cry and oh how a year changes things.

Friday, June 15, 2007

September 15th

Sorry for not blogging but I my life is going to be busy for the next couple of months. September 15th is the date. Plans are trucking alone. So if I am not updating for awhile, you know why.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Picture of the Ring

I don't have a picture of the ring on my finger because it is getting sized because it was too big and I was worried that it would fall off, so I am wearing a rubber band instead. I can post a picture of something similar. Please note that this is not the ring, but it's white gold and the design is close.

One Word


1. Yourself: elated

2. Your significant other?: forever

3. Your hair?: blonde

4. Your mother: constant

5. Your Father: softie

6. Your step father?: N/A

7. Your dream last night: wedding

8. Your Favorite drink: fizzy

9. Your Dream Car: red

10. The room you are in: sun-soaked

11. Your Ex: forgotten

12. Your fears: foolish

13. What do you want to be in 10 years: wiser

14. Who you hung out with last night: fiancé

15. What You're Not?: fake

16. Muffins: chocolate

17: One of Your Wish List Items: happiness

18: Time: eternal

19. The Last Thing You Did: laughed

20. What You Are Wearing: dress

21. Your Favorite Weather: warm

22. Your Favorite Book: romantic

23. The last thing you ate: pizza

24. Your Life: progressing

25. Your Mood: joyful

26. Your Friends: cherished

27. What are you thinking about right now?: love

29. What are you doing at the moment?: informing

30. Your summer: anticipation

31. Your relationship status: enamoured

32. What is on your tv?: Grey
33. When is the last time you laughed? now

34. Last time you cried?: Saturday

35. School?: over

Friday, May 04, 2007


We have done it! Kimu and some help from a trusty friend, Meis, we came up with a new word. You see I have had many of you pressuring me to put a picture of Graham on my blog. Well I went to Kimu to ask if he could think of a word to describe the peer pressure I have been feeling from many of you.

The word we came up with was Progging: pressure+blog=prog. Meis likes it because it sounds like people are poking at you to do something. You can read more about this discussion on Kimu's blog.

There are two reason's why you will never see a picture of Graham on my blog. 1) I do not like giving into peer pressure. 2) Graham has asked me to not put is picture on my blog. He doesn't feel comfortable with it. I have to respect his wishes.

So you can keep on progging me but it's never going to happen.

I guess if you want to see him you will have to meet him in person.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picture of Graham

Many of you have expressed that you would like to see a picture of Graham. Here you go:

Also for all of you who expressed your wish that I post a picture I think you should read Kimu's post.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Conversation with Grandma

Sometimes my Grandma comes out with the funniest things. This is a conversation I was having with my Grandma yesterday.

Grandma: The Peske's want to know who Graham is (apparently we are the gossip around church, we have officially reached the old folks.) I told them that you two are good friends.

Leah: Umm, we are more than good friends Grandma, he is my boyfriend

Grandma: I know you two are good friends

Leah: No, Grandma he is my boyfriend

Grandma: yes, good friends

Leah: No, Grandma I kiss him, he is my boyfriend

Grandma: (in a childish giggle) Hee hee hee hee you kiss him

Leah: Yes, Grandma Graham is my boyfriend

Grandma: Oh I get it Graham is your boyfriend!


Monday, April 02, 2007

Sneak Attack

I had the most pleasant sneak attack today. You are wondering if sneak attacks can be pleasant but this one was. Graham was not working today because he has a pretty cushy job that allows him to do that and I didn't know he wasn't at work. Well, as I was sitting at my desk working Graham comes walking up with a bouquet of Roses. What a guy! I am so lucky and blessed.

Yes, it's been a long time

Ok, I know that it's been a long time and I have been very bad in updating my blog. Oh well, thats life!

Life has been really good and crazy busy. Things are going really well with Graham and I. Last weekend Graham's parents treated us to Italian Opera night at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It was amazing, it was a buffet of Italian food (so delicious) and two Opera singers serenaded us while we ate for 3 hours. It was awesome! Graham's parents booked a suite for all of us to stay in so we didn't have to drive home. It was so cool, we relaxed in the hot tub and swam in the pool. Mrs. Kullman and I got to enjoy a King size bed, the boys had to sleep on the pull out couch and a cot (hee hee it pays to be a girl!!!) The suite was on the top floor of the Pan Pacific and we had the most amazing view. Then that Sunday, they took us for brunch at Milestones down by Kits.

What an amazing weekend! it was so cool.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potatoes on the Brain

It has been about a month now that my Grandma has lived with my parents and it is going be a long next couple of months but sometimes little things happen that just makes you laugh at the situation.

The other day my Mom told me about the conversation she was having with my Grandma about dinner. I guess the last previous two nights they had pasta and rice but not potatoes and my Grandma was not impressed with that, she became very cranky and asked my mother "if they ever made any real meals like a roast with potatoes?" My mom had made two roasts and two roast porks, both with potatoes, so my Grandma had nothing to complain about. Then last Friday morning my Grandma woke up and was mixing up her words, it was like she was trying to say the right word but her mind and mouth didn't connect. Well, my mom was trying to encourage her to get up by telling her that I would be coming over and my Grandma replied by saying "Oh is Leah thinking about Potatoes" what she meant "is Leah thinking of coming over" The Doctor was not concerned and said that she had a bladder infection.

You can take it two ways and think it is a sad situation, or you can choose to see it as a funny situation and just part of getting old. We choose to find the joy in the situation. My Grandma has stopped doing it but we think it's hilarious how potatoes are on her brain lately. Maybe my Grandma should be called "Grandma the Potatoe hobbit" Seems fitting doesn't it?

Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

You know when you can just smell it in the air and feel it in your bones! thats the feeling I have been having, it's been warmish while it's been raining and warmish when the sun is out. I feel the call, I feel the call to the ocean. I need sunshine! I need a tan! I need to go outside. The sad thing is that daylight savings is coming really early this year and it means we spring ahead, so that means we get less sun in the morning and more in the evening. I like more light in the morning. I can't believe it's March already! I guess that's what happens when you are having to much fun, time just flies by.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Me and my hilarious antics!

I forgot to tell the story in my last post but on Saturday Graham and I went to his parents for dinner.

As Graham and his Dad were sitting on the couch watching the hockey game I was sitting on a stool at the island in the kitchen. Graham's parents have an open concept kitchen/living room so were all in the same room. I was talking to his mom and I guess I was leaning forward on the stool and all of sudden the stool slide out from underneath me and I fell with a loud bang onto the floor, everyone ran to see if I was ok, especially Graham and once they found out I was ok, they all started laughing (including me.)

Of all places to be a clutz! Lets just say that there was a lot of heckling and joking at my expense but it was all done in fun! If I wasn't comfortable around Graham's parents before I certainly am now.

I know, I know

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have blogged. No, I have not reverted back to my old behavior but rather I have been busy for reasons I will explain below:

1) I have been sick

2) I took a couple days off to pack up my grandma's things, so I have been helping my Mom get my grandma organized.

3) No news

4) I have a boyfriend and I don't want to stay late after work to use the computer.

Other than that life has been really good. I was surprised yesterday with these beautiful roses, Graham picked them because he hadn't seen the color before. I love the color! I had to bring them to work because I wanted to be able to see them all day long instead of only when I go home. Also, I knew someone at work would have a digital camera.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Packing up the memories

As my Grandma waits in the hospital to heal and be well enough to leave, my mom gave noticed for her apartment.

My Mom and I are already preparing ourselves for the transition. Even though my Grandma has not passed away, it feels like we mourning her passing. Going through someone's belongings and memories when they are still around is a difficult emotion. But this is the best for my Grandma and for my mother. My Mom will now be able to rest assured that my Grandma is safe and secure.
Now, my Mom will have time to focus on Bella who is craving attention. The other day, Aunt Edna left her camera on the coffee table and Bella the crazy dog, wanting attention took the camera and chewed it, she chewed it so bad that she punctured a hole straight to the film and the film was lost. My parents bought Aunt Edna a new camera but the perogie party pictures are lost forever.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Perogie Party

Since Christmas I have been craving some of my Grandma's homemade perogies but since she probably will never be able to make them again, I was disappointed until I heard my Grandma's sister, my aunt Edna was coming out from Melville Sask. to visit us and my Grandma. If I can't have my Grandma my aunt Edna is the next best thing. So, my Mom though it would be a great idea to have friends come over and join us in the making of perogies, so Graham and his parents came over as well as Christine my best friend and her parents joined us. Graham's parents and Christine's parents and my parents grew up together so it was so fun. It was like the old days when my Grandma would invite everyone over and the kids would play together, the Dads would either watch sports or play cards together and the women would be cooking in the kitchen. It felt so comfortable and soothing.

The perogies were delicious but I think I had more fun just hanging out with everyone! Definitely a memory that we will have for a long time.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Walking on Thin Ice

Yesterday was a pretty traumatic day but everything turned out great. It's amazing how a simple pray to God in a crisis can make a difference. Yesterday, my friend Christine, Graham and I decided to take Bella for a walk. We went to Cresent park and at the park there is a duck pond that you can walk around. There was signs clearly laid out "Caution: thin ice" too bad dogs can't read, before I could catch Bella, she ran out onto the ice and towards the unfrozen part and she fell into the water, she tried to get out but she couldn't.The fear and the panic on her face was heartbreaking and it's an image that I am going to have in my mind for years.

Luckily, you could walk around the whole pond and to the side that wasn't frozen, we tried calling her to come swim that way but she was too scared, her yelps just put fear in your heart. I was just going to go in and get her but Graham wouldn't let me, he said that he would. I ran to the car to get towels and the blankets in my car, as I was running back to my car the only thing I could think of doing was saying a simple plea to God to keep Graham and Bella safe. Thank God the pond was only waist deep, so Graham didn't have to swim and hold Bella at the same time, Bella just laid in Graham's arms as they safely reached the bank. By that time I was back with the blankets, Graham and Bella were at the bank so we wrapped both up and dried them off. Everyone was safe and warm.

God is there in the quiet and traumatic. God is my protector and Graham is my hero.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Grandma business

The doctor's have confirmed it, my Grandma did have another stroke on Tuesday. This time she hasn't recovered so well, this stroke has not effect her legs or movement but more her mind. She has become confused and disorientated. She keeps thinking that my parents stole her good mattress and that my Uncle Steven (on my dad's side) kept coming over to get drunk with her. (kinda of funny, because lets face it you have to find humor in this.) With the social worker my mom insisted that she be put into long term care and that she placed at Zion Park Manor which is part of our Church and place that my Grandma has volunteered her time many times. It seems only fitting that my Grandma lives there.

The social worker was going to send my Grandma home but have home care come everyday but my Grandma's doctor and mom insisted that should not happen.

I have been thinking a lot of beginnings and endings. My Grandma has lived such a wonderful life and how her choices in life have effected my life now.

Like how my Grandma and Grandpa determined that they were not farmers and became the rebels in the family and moved to Vancouver from Sask. If they stayed there, I might be used to this kinda of cold weather. Do you think that God has a destiny planned out for everyone's lives or do you think he just rolls with the punches as we exercise our free will cards? Surely he knows what choice we are going to make.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Changing addresses... No not me

A lot can happen in 24 hours and a lot has. My Grandma has slowly been going down hill rapidly to the point that she can't remember how to get dressed in the mornings. Last week she had fallen in the middle of night, no broken bones but a lot of bruising. Growing up my Grandma has always had a high pain tolerance (she broke her leg, had polio set into it, got ran over by a car and all before the age of 10) but lately in her old age of 87 years she hasn't been able to handle a lot of pain. Early Wednesday morning she called her lifeline because the bruising was unbearable. She was taken into the hospital, where the doctors convinced her it was time that she moved into a care facility. She will be in the hospital for a couple days while they find her a bed in a care facility, she is really confused but we know that she will be safe.

This is a big relief but it is going to be a change. My Grandma has been so strong and independent and it is heart-breaking to see her so frail and childlike. But I guess that is the cycle of life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When the lights go out

Yes, my power went out again last night because of the wind storm. We have been having some crazy weather.

I got to use my cozy pink housecoat because at 3 in the morning the stupid fire alarm went off. But something even funnier happened to me, it was pretty hilarious sight to see because that evening I was complaining because I had this really annoying zit below my nose (because I have had a cold so I have been blowing my nose a lot) So Graham suggested that I put toothpaste on it because it's suppose to dry it out. So I did it, but with all the flurry and craziness of a fire alarm going off at 3 in the morning I forgot I had it on my upper lip, so I go running outside with this white mustache but thankfully my great roommate caught me before we actually saw anyone. But lets just say Christy and I had something to chuckle about while waiting to go back to our places.

So let's just say I am very tired today. Also the power didn't come on till an hour ago ( I heard from someone, because I am at work right now, on my lunch break :-) ) so I didn't wake up till 15 minutes before work started and so I had to get ready by flashlight. Do you know how hard it is to get ready by a flashlight. I wasn't sure if I matched till I got to work. And word to the wise, don't put mascara on by flashlight. Pretty painful.

Now we have a winter wonderland, actually scratch that we have a winter nightmare. Snow is no fun after Christmas. Go away Snow! Why can't we have our old reliable BC weather back? Rain is ok with me!

New book idea, Pickles the Fat Hobbit and the white mustache!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Vancouver Giants

Graham's parents has season tickets to the Vancouver Giants and on Sunday they gave us tickets to go. It was a great game, they played against Red Deer and we won!! It was an intense game.

During the break we decided to take a walk and Popeye's nutritional store was there with samples so we trying their meal replacement and protein shakes. Gross, Gross, Gross. We both took one sip and then threw it out.

The Vancouver Giant games are cool. It has become really popular. The attendance for that game was 10,000 that is really good for minor hockey.

For those of you wanting a picture of Graham. You are just going to have to wait till I get a digital camera for my birthday or Christmas. Plus, I am not going to say "hey Graham, lets take a picture so I can put it up on my blog because my friends want to see what you look like." Patience people patience!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I wished I had a digital camera

I know a lot of you are saying, "You want more just after Christmas, boy you are a spoiled brat" Well hopefully you aren't calling me a spoiled brat but I bet you all are wondering about my blog title.

The reason I want a digital camera is because I would like to take a picture of the 10 pink roses that Graham surprised me with last night. He chose pink because he knows that pink is one of my favorite colors. Then he took me out for dinner to Pasta Polio in Langley (great homemade pasta!)

So hopefully now you're not calling me a spoiled brat and more like, wow she is so cool she wants to show us her pretty flowers.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year!

I am back, I have been on holidays celebrating with family and friends and haven't been near a computer so excuse my absence.

I had a great and relaxing Christmas. I got my pink Ipod that I wanted from my parents and a pink fuzzy house coat for those evening when the fire alarm goes off. I got some really good smelly body shop stuff from Graham.

I met my cousin Matthew and my Uncle Steve's girlfriend for the first time. Matthew is only 31/2 and so fun. They came to spend time at my parents place and we had a great time.

For New Year's Graham cooked dinner for me. Yummy steak and mushrooms! And we watched Superman's Return. It was a great movie. It was a good New Year's. It was quiet and relaxing and after the craziness of having family for a couple days it was well needed.

It really was a great Christmas and I am really looking forward to 2007. Happy New Year everyone.