Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When the lights go out

Yes, my power went out again last night because of the wind storm. We have been having some crazy weather.

I got to use my cozy pink housecoat because at 3 in the morning the stupid fire alarm went off. But something even funnier happened to me, it was pretty hilarious sight to see because that evening I was complaining because I had this really annoying zit below my nose (because I have had a cold so I have been blowing my nose a lot) So Graham suggested that I put toothpaste on it because it's suppose to dry it out. So I did it, but with all the flurry and craziness of a fire alarm going off at 3 in the morning I forgot I had it on my upper lip, so I go running outside with this white mustache but thankfully my great roommate caught me before we actually saw anyone. But lets just say Christy and I had something to chuckle about while waiting to go back to our places.

So let's just say I am very tired today. Also the power didn't come on till an hour ago ( I heard from someone, because I am at work right now, on my lunch break :-) ) so I didn't wake up till 15 minutes before work started and so I had to get ready by flashlight. Do you know how hard it is to get ready by a flashlight. I wasn't sure if I matched till I got to work. And word to the wise, don't put mascara on by flashlight. Pretty painful.

Now we have a winter wonderland, actually scratch that we have a winter nightmare. Snow is no fun after Christmas. Go away Snow! Why can't we have our old reliable BC weather back? Rain is ok with me!

New book idea, Pickles the Fat Hobbit and the white mustache!


Angel said...

So now that you're at work, DO your clothes match? ;-)
Hope you get more sleep tonight. Drive safe.

Leah said...

yes they do! But I am not so sure about my socks. Good thing they are inside my boots!

kelly said...

so i feel a bit out of the loop...can i assume graham is a significant other? i mean...why else would every one be demanding a picture of him???

Leah said...

Yes you are correct. :-)

Patricia said...

Does Graham read your blog?