Monday, January 15, 2007

Grandma business

The doctor's have confirmed it, my Grandma did have another stroke on Tuesday. This time she hasn't recovered so well, this stroke has not effect her legs or movement but more her mind. She has become confused and disorientated. She keeps thinking that my parents stole her good mattress and that my Uncle Steven (on my dad's side) kept coming over to get drunk with her. (kinda of funny, because lets face it you have to find humor in this.) With the social worker my mom insisted that she be put into long term care and that she placed at Zion Park Manor which is part of our Church and place that my Grandma has volunteered her time many times. It seems only fitting that my Grandma lives there.

The social worker was going to send my Grandma home but have home care come everyday but my Grandma's doctor and mom insisted that should not happen.

I have been thinking a lot of beginnings and endings. My Grandma has lived such a wonderful life and how her choices in life have effected my life now.

Like how my Grandma and Grandpa determined that they were not farmers and became the rebels in the family and moved to Vancouver from Sask. If they stayed there, I might be used to this kinda of cold weather. Do you think that God has a destiny planned out for everyone's lives or do you think he just rolls with the punches as we exercise our free will cards? Surely he knows what choice we are going to make.

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