Thursday, April 27, 2006

Give up

Have you ever got to a point where you were tired of struggling with something and you just wanted to give up on the fight. I am at that point. For a long time, I have been struggling with God about something and I realized awhile ago that I was spending so much wasted energy on this and that it was to the point that I need to realize the reality of the situation and stop fighting. I said to my self "Suck it Up Princess"

I learned a long time ago, your heart's desire isn't always God's desire for your life. He is the boss so why try to fight him. God obviously has something else planned. We need to change our path to God's not the other way around.

I am working really hard to do this but I find myself reverting to my old ways and wishing for what I desire. It's a hard journey. Good thing God knows my heart and can see my struggle or this epiphany was in vain. And who wants to waste an epiphany!

Friday, April 14, 2006


My Grandma has been sick for the last 7 months. We were not sure what had happen but she went from this confident, independant women enjoying her senior years(86 to be exact) to one that was reliant on many people to do normal things and it happened overnight.. She wasn't ready to be put into care but she went from bowling 3 days a week to not having enough energy to take out the garbage. We have recently found out what has orchestrated such a change, my Grandma has had poor circulation (she had Polio when she was a child), as a result of many years of poor circulation her brain has been deprived of oxygen and it has caught up with her. In early March she had a small stroke but apparently that was not the first time, she has had many before and it has left her brain damaged. She still is able to take care of herself but she will never be that confident women again. She still is incredibly sweet and loving as usual.

Although, this is sad and we as a family are griefing for the lost of that confident women she still does things that makes us laugh. The other day she was talking to my Mom and shared a though that is so cute that I had to share with you. The Doctor at one time suggested that she might have Gallstones, well she is fixed on this idea. When she was talking to my Mom she mentioned that she wondered the gurgling sound that happened after she ate was the gall stones jumping around in her Gallbladder. This is a quote " Little pebbles jumping around." We had to assure her that it was probably her digestive system digesting her food. Now as an inside joke, we ask her if the pebbles are jumping, it make her giggle everytime.

Even after all that is going on she can still take a moment to laugh at herself. To me thats confidence! Oh what a lady to be like, I will be a very blessed person if I could posess ounce of her character.

He Is Risen!

For me, Easter is the essence of my faith. The scarifice and death of an innocent man for me, an undeserving person but because God loves me so much he allowed his sinless son to die for me and serve my sentence in hell for me. There is something so poetic and beautiful about Easter. Easter means new life and freedom.

Lately, I have been heavy laden with life's presures.Like,my Grandma and other issues I have been battling with God which he has layed on my heart lately but this Easter season I am ready to just be absorbed into the ceremony and traditions of this time. I guess Easter is a reminder that I don't have to carry any burdens but the price has been paid and freedom is for the taking.

I am laying down my burdens and asking God to carry the load.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Straight or Curly?

Yeah, no longer do I have to ponder that question when I blow my hair dry. I finally bought a professional ceremic hair straightner. This thing is amazing! I can blow my hair curly one day and the next day use my straightner and it's straight. It has cut my blow drying time in half because I don't have to constantly be combing it straight.

My hair dresser went to a trade show and was able to pick up a last year's model for $75. That is an amazing deal since they go for $150 dollars normally.

And the Winner is .....

Molson!!!!! Thank you to all you of you who voted for Molson. Molson is carrying his tail a little higher because of it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vote for Molson

I have entered Molson in the cutess dog contest on my friend Kim's blog. Please go vote for Molson.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sore back

Last July I hurt my hip and was in a lot of pain. I don't know how I did it but it keep getting worse and worse. I last about 6 months before my Mom insisted that I go to a chriopractor. Well it turned out my right hip was out. The chriopractor popped it back in (I literally heard a pop, I hate that sound) and I was free. I could bend down, I could sit at my desk without pain. It was amazing how long I went with a sore hip. Well, on the weekend I could feel my hip was out because I couldn't bend like before, sitting was painful. So, I made an appointment for the Chiropractor yesterday and he popped my hip back. But this time both hips were out so I had to hear two popping sounds. I feel so good other than the soreness.

I think what took me so long to go to the Chiropractor in the beginning is because I have never had any back troubles and was proud of that fact. I just can't face that I am going to have this recurring problem for the rest of my life. Well I have learned my lesson, exercise is good but don't push your body to the point that you damage it. It's all good if you have a healthy heart at 65 but if you can't walk because you have wrecked your back what good is it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that no excerise is the solution. I don't think I could live without excerise but watch and listen to your body. Stretch correctly. Change your routine and try different machines, if one hurts afterwards, you can try something different.

And no, I am not going to stick to walking because that is boring to me, it's may be good for some people but it just doesn't get my heart rate up enough for me to feel like I accomplished something.