Thursday, May 18, 2006


This morning I did something I have never done before. I slept through my alarm. I just remember my alarm going off and I said to myself "already, that can't be." I turned my alarm off and went back to sleep. I woke up at 8:01 the time I was suppose to start work. Good thing I live 5 minutes away. I quickly got ready and was in work by 8:25. Good hussle I think.

I think jetlagge and not having time to recoop from holidays and the stress of my grandma has made Leah a very tired girl. I am looking forward to the long weekend.

Hey Girl, come over here

When I first went to the hospital to visit my grandma, she had been moved to a room with other people (male and female.) Well, there was an older gentlemen there and I felt really bad for him because it was obvious that he was senile and when I went to see my grandma this gentleman kept calling to me " Hey girl, come over here, Hey girl come by me." He kind of freaked me out and I kept close to my grandma's hospital bed. Then I thought to myself why did I cling to my grandma's side. She just had a stroke she can't defend me.

I guess it's hard to let go of the reality that this adult figure in my life can no longer give me safety and security. It's a big transition when you have to become the guardian of someone who once protected you.

I see my Mom going through a lot becoming the parent of her mother. The sad thing is that one day I will have to do that for my mother. I hope I can listen and learn now so that I will be able to practice patience like my mother has.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Great Adventure of Pickles the Fat Hobbit

Here are more pictures of my trip to Florida. I went to Disneyworld (all four parks in one day!), Blizard Beach, Cocoa Beach and I hung out with my friends Rob and Patricia.
The race down one of Blizard Beach's amazing water park rides

Rob and Patricia at Bubbalos(?)

Me and Patricia

Cocoa Beach

Me and Goofy

Pickles the Fried Hobbit

Ha haa, no I didn't get sun burnt (ok just a little bit thats ok) but the title is in remeberence of the fried pickles I ate. So cool that I had to take some pictures.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Please pray, my Grandma had a Stroke on Sunday. She is doing well but her left leg and arm is paralyzed. Her speech and face are fine. She is in good spirits and determined to walk, the nurses and doctors are impressed with her progress but its still going to be a long hall for my Grandma. She is in Langley Memorial and she will be there until she can stand on her legs.

She still has her sense of humor. She was put in a room with a man, and she commented to me that she was surprised that she was put in a room with a man but she wished that he was younger!

May 02

Yesterday, Molson turned 10 years old. Wow, its hard to believe. It's weird how animals come into people's lives and it feels like they have been there forever. I bought Molson a birthday cake from Three Dog Barkery and it was in shape of a dog bone and they piped Molson's name on it in some icing that dogs can eat. He gobbled it down. When I get the picture developed I will post it.