Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey Girl, come over here

When I first went to the hospital to visit my grandma, she had been moved to a room with other people (male and female.) Well, there was an older gentlemen there and I felt really bad for him because it was obvious that he was senile and when I went to see my grandma this gentleman kept calling to me " Hey girl, come over here, Hey girl come by me." He kind of freaked me out and I kept close to my grandma's hospital bed. Then I thought to myself why did I cling to my grandma's side. She just had a stroke she can't defend me.

I guess it's hard to let go of the reality that this adult figure in my life can no longer give me safety and security. It's a big transition when you have to become the guardian of someone who once protected you.

I see my Mom going through a lot becoming the parent of her mother. The sad thing is that one day I will have to do that for my mother. I hope I can listen and learn now so that I will be able to practice patience like my mother has.

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