Friday, January 25, 2008

Yes, I am alive

Yes, I am alive, very much alive just haven't felt like blogging. I guess I haven't had the words to say or really didn't want to let this out into the world but I am pregnant, just starting my fifth month. Yep, me a Gray don't do anything slow! We were both shocked and nervous but God knows the plan and he is never late in his timing. Don't expect pregnancy pictures, I just don't want to. Little Kullman is due July 12. We are both over-the-moon now that the shock has worn off.

I am feeling great but I wasn't at the beginning, morning sickness turned into all day sickness, still have it but with medication it calms it down. And this is the biggest shock of all, Pickles the Fat Hobbit has an aversion to pickles right now! I hope that goes away. I thought this is the one time I could really chow down on them, isn't that irony!

I have weird cravings, one week it was Subway sandwiches, the next week Big Macs. Hardest thing to give up is coffee, I guess I have to admit that I was junkie, oh and I have had this huge craving for red wine!

Next month we will be going for our Ultrasound, we will be finding out the gender but I am not sure if we will tell people. Graham has a hard time containing his excitement.

But I got to go.