Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potatoes on the Brain

It has been about a month now that my Grandma has lived with my parents and it is going be a long next couple of months but sometimes little things happen that just makes you laugh at the situation.

The other day my Mom told me about the conversation she was having with my Grandma about dinner. I guess the last previous two nights they had pasta and rice but not potatoes and my Grandma was not impressed with that, she became very cranky and asked my mother "if they ever made any real meals like a roast with potatoes?" My mom had made two roasts and two roast porks, both with potatoes, so my Grandma had nothing to complain about. Then last Friday morning my Grandma woke up and was mixing up her words, it was like she was trying to say the right word but her mind and mouth didn't connect. Well, my mom was trying to encourage her to get up by telling her that I would be coming over and my Grandma replied by saying "Oh is Leah thinking about Potatoes" what she meant "is Leah thinking of coming over" The Doctor was not concerned and said that she had a bladder infection.

You can take it two ways and think it is a sad situation, or you can choose to see it as a funny situation and just part of getting old. We choose to find the joy in the situation. My Grandma has stopped doing it but we think it's hilarious how potatoes are on her brain lately. Maybe my Grandma should be called "Grandma the Potatoe hobbit" Seems fitting doesn't it?

Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

You know when you can just smell it in the air and feel it in your bones! thats the feeling I have been having, it's been warmish while it's been raining and warmish when the sun is out. I feel the call, I feel the call to the ocean. I need sunshine! I need a tan! I need to go outside. The sad thing is that daylight savings is coming really early this year and it means we spring ahead, so that means we get less sun in the morning and more in the evening. I like more light in the morning. I can't believe it's March already! I guess that's what happens when you are having to much fun, time just flies by.