Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rollerblading Clutz

Ok, I don't think I want to be a rollerblading girl anymore. For the past week, I have been rollerblading to work. It's been a good work-out, it saves on gas, and reduces harmful emissions.

Well, this morning as I was rollerblading to work I was coming up to a drive way, I was half way through when a car comes up, I was there first but it keep going. So I had a choice pavement or be hit by a car. I chose the pavement, scraped my knee and my hands but the sad thing is that the lady didn't stop to see if I was ok. She drove off!

I think I will stick to being a beach girl, the water will be a softer landing.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Roller Girl

Along with being a beach girl and a children's novelist I want to be a roller girl. Not one of those mean rollerderby girls no way, but one of those girls that can play roller hockey. My friends and I have this tradition of playing rollerhockey in the summer we go to some empty parking lot and just have a fun game, boys are less rough because the girls play but we all have fun. I really try my hardest to do well. Yesterday we had one of those games but it was for my friend Chris's 30th birthday and his wife Ang rented an arena. It was so fun! I only fell down once and got elbowed in the mouth by accident (a little bit of a fat lip.)

It's rather funny if a girl would fall, she would get back up and start playing, no time out, no stopping the game. But for the guys, oh boy stop the game if they had a little blister on their hands. The cry for band-aids was unbelieveable.

Can you see it now: A surfer girl on rollerblades!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer is here and the living is easy

I have written in the past about my parents beautiful garden and all the great evenings spent under the Grape arbour listening to great music and the smell of intoxicating Honeysuckle floating through the air. Well I have some pics to show you guys now!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Am Just A Lucky So and So

One of my favorite songs is by Louis Armstrong called " I am just a lucky so and so." Whenever I hear the song I always think of Molson strolling down a street with Cherry Bloosom trees lining the road, and Molson with his great big smile on. Now with Bella around I imagine the two strolling together happy as can be. Here are some pictures of the two luckiest so and so's around.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy New Years!!

Yes, I am 6 months late but my friend Chris finally got around to sending me these pictures. Here are some pics from last year's celebrations. We play board games, and my friends roll up their carpet and all us girls danced in the living room.

Ang and me sitting on the couch playing Tripod
Shannon and I striking a pose while dancing

The girls having fun (L-R: Me, Ang, Jen, Shannon and Denise)

My dream has come true!

Well, I wished for it and my friend Rob made it happen. He found a site that would let you custom make T-shirts. Look at this:

The problem is that they only sell in quantities of 6 and if I get more than 6 its cheaper. So, I am taking orders. Anyone who wants one of these lovely T-shirts for $13.06 let me know!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Laurs sent me this link. If they had a shirt that said Pickles are from God! I would pay $10 dollars. Or what if they made a T-Shirt that said Pickles the Fat Hobbit. Oh my gosh I sooo want a T-shirt that says Pickles the Fat Hobbit now!
Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laughing at Myself

Sometimes I do such stupid things and then I realize how funny those stupid things are and they crack me up. Like sometimes I snap back to reality and it's like knock knock Leah are you in there? and then I laugh at myself. I am my own entertainment. I guess I am the most hilarious person in my mind.

Wow, I just got a new idea for a book in the Pickles the Fat Hobbit series: Pickles the Fat Hobbit and her multiple personality! Or Pickles the Fat Hobbit Entertains Herself

Hmm is this whole Pickles the Fat Hobbit thing something I should laugh at myself about? Ahh naw everyone has to have a goal in life right?

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Grandma Saga's

My grandma has been home from the hospital for a couple of weeks now. She is still walking with a walker and is slow-moving but she is determined to get back to her old self again. Well, because she is so slow my mom had to buy my Grandma a new answering machine. Her old one was really old and wouldn't change to more than 3 rings.

Well, the other day she called my mom and told her that she thinks that there is something wrong with her new answering machine. My mom asked what was wrong and my Grandma answered that everytime she checks her messages she keeps hearing a man's voice and doesn't know how he got on it. My mom could hardly contain from laughing out loud, and told her that it was just her answering machine telling her that she has no messages. We though that an answering machine would be easier to figure out than voicemail. When we explained the answering machine to my Grandma she cracked up laughing too.

New Puppy!

We have a new puppy! Her name is Bella. She is six months old (bigger then the picture now) and she is a Golden Retirever. A family down the street was trying to find a good home for her. They loved her but had a small family (baby) and found it hard to have a puppy and a baby. My parents felt it was the right time. Molson is telling her who is boss, and he is handling it very well. Molson is still king in our yard and in my heart but Bella is very sweet. On a sidenote: Molson's cancer has come back, he has a lump on his leg that the Vet has confirmed is cancer. He said that he could live for another year or less so enjoy your time with him. That is what we are doing.

Friday, June 09, 2006

What Puppy are You?

Ok, I answered these questions honestly. What is the odds of that! I new Molson and I were kinder Spirits!

You Are a Golden Retriever Puppy

Tolerant, fun-loving, and patient.
You are eager to please - and attached to your frisbee.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Beach Girl

I have decided that I am going to change my image ( I really don't know what my image now is but it sounds like a good idea) I have decided that I am going to become a beach girl. I really don't have to change much. I already have a jeep to put my surf board on(***note to self: buy a Surf board.), I have blonde hair, I have a Ron Jon Surf Shop T-Shirt. What else do I need? Maybe I should start talking like a surfer, like totally narly dude!

Can you picture it now: Pickles the Fat Hobbit by the seashore! (Wow, that sounds like a Children's book)

Or I can change my image to Leah Jenvey the Children's novelist. Can you see it now "The Great Adventure of Pickles the Fat Hobbit"

Oh I can't decide!

My Trip...Down the Stairs

Ok I am the biggest cultz ever. Yesterday I was going down the stairs in my building because my Mom was picking me up for Church. I was dressed in my Sunday clothes and wearing my sandles with high skinny heels ( I love high heels). When all of a sudden my heel caught the carpet of the stairs and it catapulted me forwarded. I reached out with both hands to grap the railing, fell to my knees and felt the inertia of going head first. I held tight to the railings and stopped myself from going head over heals. In the process I skinned my knuckles and my shins.

I also bruised my ego. You think by 28 years old you would be able to walk. I told my story to my Mom, and I my Mom kissed my bleeding figure better. It's amazing how even at 28 a mother's kiss on a boo-boo does takes the pain away.