Monday, June 05, 2006

My Trip...Down the Stairs

Ok I am the biggest cultz ever. Yesterday I was going down the stairs in my building because my Mom was picking me up for Church. I was dressed in my Sunday clothes and wearing my sandles with high skinny heels ( I love high heels). When all of a sudden my heel caught the carpet of the stairs and it catapulted me forwarded. I reached out with both hands to grap the railing, fell to my knees and felt the inertia of going head first. I held tight to the railings and stopped myself from going head over heals. In the process I skinned my knuckles and my shins.

I also bruised my ego. You think by 28 years old you would be able to walk. I told my story to my Mom, and I my Mom kissed my bleeding figure better. It's amazing how even at 28 a mother's kiss on a boo-boo does takes the pain away.


rob said...


Stefanie said...

Ah, this brings back memories of you and Maria.

Patricia said...

My biggest fear is tripping down stairs. Glad you're okay.