Monday, June 26, 2006

Roller Girl

Along with being a beach girl and a children's novelist I want to be a roller girl. Not one of those mean rollerderby girls no way, but one of those girls that can play roller hockey. My friends and I have this tradition of playing rollerhockey in the summer we go to some empty parking lot and just have a fun game, boys are less rough because the girls play but we all have fun. I really try my hardest to do well. Yesterday we had one of those games but it was for my friend Chris's 30th birthday and his wife Ang rented an arena. It was so fun! I only fell down once and got elbowed in the mouth by accident (a little bit of a fat lip.)

It's rather funny if a girl would fall, she would get back up and start playing, no time out, no stopping the game. But for the guys, oh boy stop the game if they had a little blister on their hands. The cry for band-aids was unbelieveable.

Can you see it now: A surfer girl on rollerblades!

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