Friday, January 12, 2007

Changing addresses... No not me

A lot can happen in 24 hours and a lot has. My Grandma has slowly been going down hill rapidly to the point that she can't remember how to get dressed in the mornings. Last week she had fallen in the middle of night, no broken bones but a lot of bruising. Growing up my Grandma has always had a high pain tolerance (she broke her leg, had polio set into it, got ran over by a car and all before the age of 10) but lately in her old age of 87 years she hasn't been able to handle a lot of pain. Early Wednesday morning she called her lifeline because the bruising was unbearable. She was taken into the hospital, where the doctors convinced her it was time that she moved into a care facility. She will be in the hospital for a couple days while they find her a bed in a care facility, she is really confused but we know that she will be safe.

This is a big relief but it is going to be a change. My Grandma has been so strong and independent and it is heart-breaking to see her so frail and childlike. But I guess that is the cycle of life.

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orangejack said...

We are going through the same thing with my dad's mom. They live far enough away though that I'm not involved in the daily stuff, but I'm keeping tabs on her. It's not fun watching that happen to loved ones. In a way, it's like the mourning process has already begun.