Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year!

I am back, I have been on holidays celebrating with family and friends and haven't been near a computer so excuse my absence.

I had a great and relaxing Christmas. I got my pink Ipod that I wanted from my parents and a pink fuzzy house coat for those evening when the fire alarm goes off. I got some really good smelly body shop stuff from Graham.

I met my cousin Matthew and my Uncle Steve's girlfriend for the first time. Matthew is only 31/2 and so fun. They came to spend time at my parents place and we had a great time.

For New Year's Graham cooked dinner for me. Yummy steak and mushrooms! And we watched Superman's Return. It was a great movie. It was a good New Year's. It was quiet and relaxing and after the craziness of having family for a couple days it was well needed.

It really was a great Christmas and I am really looking forward to 2007. Happy New Year everyone.

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