Friday, December 15, 2006

Good blogging year

2006 has turned out to be a great year for blogging and me. I know in past years I have been a bit forgetful or dare I say lazy but I think I have redeemed myself. Blogger is telling me that I have posted 89 times in 2006 (90 if you count this post) compared to last year when I only posted 28 times. I know some of you are way ahead of me for 2006 but I think I have done really well. I am not going to say I will double for 2007 because that always jinx's it for me so I am going to say, what will happen will happen and hope that 2007 will bring eventful and funny little stories in my life that I will just have to share with all of you. Because we all know that my life is pretty funny and that the strangest things happen to me.

I use to hate how weird and cultzy I was but now I embrace it and welcome those experiences just so that I have something to blog about.


orangejack said...

keep up the great work! blog on!

Angel said...

Well look who found you! Sending you an email right now. Off to read more of your blog now too. Oh, and happy belated birthday! Glad that it went well and you got to dance! ;-)

Leah said...

Hey Angel

Wow, I can't believe you found my blog. At first when I read your posts I am like who is this person, but then you commented on the car rally and I knew who were. Don't worry about the just friends Guy, we are more than friends now. We have been going out for a month in half now. I don't have your email address anymore so email me at and I will tell you the story.