Monday, February 05, 2007

Packing up the memories

As my Grandma waits in the hospital to heal and be well enough to leave, my mom gave noticed for her apartment.

My Mom and I are already preparing ourselves for the transition. Even though my Grandma has not passed away, it feels like we mourning her passing. Going through someone's belongings and memories when they are still around is a difficult emotion. But this is the best for my Grandma and for my mother. My Mom will now be able to rest assured that my Grandma is safe and secure.
Now, my Mom will have time to focus on Bella who is craving attention. The other day, Aunt Edna left her camera on the coffee table and Bella the crazy dog, wanting attention took the camera and chewed it, she chewed it so bad that she punctured a hole straight to the film and the film was lost. My parents bought Aunt Edna a new camera but the perogie party pictures are lost forever.


orangejack said...

I know the feeling. My grandmother is sick and I'm not sure how much longer she has. But I've been mourning the woman I knew years ago, not as much as who she is now.

Patricia said...

My grandmother's been dying for 5 years and I've mourned for her already. Her house was sold 2 years ago. It's hard.