Friday, May 04, 2007


We have done it! Kimu and some help from a trusty friend, Meis, we came up with a new word. You see I have had many of you pressuring me to put a picture of Graham on my blog. Well I went to Kimu to ask if he could think of a word to describe the peer pressure I have been feeling from many of you.

The word we came up with was Progging: pressure+blog=prog. Meis likes it because it sounds like people are poking at you to do something. You can read more about this discussion on Kimu's blog.

There are two reason's why you will never see a picture of Graham on my blog. 1) I do not like giving into peer pressure. 2) Graham has asked me to not put is picture on my blog. He doesn't feel comfortable with it. I have to respect his wishes.

So you can keep on progging me but it's never going to happen.

I guess if you want to see him you will have to meet him in person.

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