Friday, August 26, 2005

Summer is almost over

Yes, signs that summer is almost over are popping up everywhere. Like the Zellers commericals for school supplies (they are quiet catchy, I have to admit, I hum along.) No longer can you get summer clothes at the stores (unless its the bargain booth-hey wait thats a good thing) No, it's fall colors and fall fashions. But with every passing season comes its good points. I will list my top ten favorite things for fall below:

1. Fall clothes- I love seeing all the new fashions
2. You don't have to feeling guilty for not being outside and enjoying the sunshine because we might not get more. Because soon we won't
3. The trees start changing color. I love it
4. It starts getting cooler and you get to wear warm sweaters
5. The smell in the air changes
6. Warm fall breezes
7. Hay rides
8. Corn mazes
9. Time to start listening to the soulful sounds of Ella during the day and not just at dusk
10. You get to wear scarfes and look all hip and trendy

Ok, well I have listed my top ten things that I love about fall. So I am tagging Kelly, Amanda (This is for saying that I am a bad blogger (smile)), and Patricia. Ha ha aha. I will let these guys tag the rest of you.


the salmon said...

i have done your bidding:


Patricia said...

It took me awhile but here's my list. You'll find it's quite different from yours!

kelly said...

oh right...i did mine a few posts ago - hope you saw it! :)