Friday, October 07, 2005

I found it!

Hee hee hee when I went to go publish my last post I realized that I had to republished my lost one so, now I look like I have been really good at blogging. At least I didn't lose my marbles.

Wow, do you believe its Thanksgiving again. I remember last year, Rob and Patricia joined my family for dinner . That was the day that "Pickles the fat hobbit" came to life. Hey Rob and Patricia are you going to being celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving?


Patricia said...

Oh I wish we could so we could have another day off. We saw it on the calendar and I started thinking about last year. Thanksgiving at your place was really fun! I'm going to miss it this year. But we'll be thinking about you guys up there.

rob said...

I agree with Patricia. I miss that time up there last year. It was a lot of fun. Here it's hot and humid. I miss the fall.

But we'll celebrate by remembering Columbus and going to work.