Monday, September 08, 2008

6 1/2 weeks

Karis as the princess she is. We took this picture at Granville island today. I just love the look on her face, it's like get this thing off of me.

Sucking her trusty soother, we tried to get her to suck her thumb but she likes her soother better. This picture was taken last night.

Grandpa putting her to sleep like nothing.

I can't believe my baby is this old. She is growing like crazy, how do you slow them down? She is a wonderful baby, she sleeps well, she is letting me sleep 6 hours straight every night and she eats well. She loves to cuddle.

(Sorry I couldn't rotate it) Graham is wonderful at getting her asleep. He is such a wonderful dad, I had no doubt. Her grandparents are going crazy spoilinng her rotten but she deserves it. I love her so much!

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the salmon said...

she's looking so great! beautiful. i'm glad you are all well :)