Monday, April 25, 2005

Summer is coming!!!!

I had such a great weekend. I went to my parents and did nothing!!! I sat in the sun, in my parents beautiful backyard and read my book. Although I have some funny tan lines because I am not use to dressing for summer yet. I guess I just have to spend some lazy days at the lake to fix my tan lines.

I am so excited for summer. I miss the smell of honeysuckle at sunset, I miss sitting at a table with yummy food and sharing it with my favorite family and friends and doing all this under a canopy of grape vines. I miss the sound of Billie Hoilday flooting through the summer air while enjoying the warmth of a chimneya. Yes, I am a romantic at heart but these are the memories that make life good.

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Patricia said...

AAahhh...sounds so relaxing. What's a chimneya?