Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm not sorry and I am sticking too it!

After encouragement, Stefanie and Kelly think that I should share my reward challenge that I took part of on Tuesday. On Monday Stefanie challenged me to not saying "Sorry"unnecessarily for a whole day and I would receive 2 homemade cookies. I am happy to tell you that I succeed. Those two cookies were well worth the hardships. I don't love cookies all that much, just think if you offered me something that I really love. I might be able to go for a whole 2 days.


kelly said...

way to go leah! if i still worked with you, i would maybe offer you a toffee nut latte for 2 days worth of unnecessary sorry's.

Stefanie said...

It'd have to be a whole week if we stepped up the reward. hehe. But good job! :)