Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Florence and I went to a blogging seminar last Wednesday because we have developed a Authors Group called Write Click and we are creating a blog for it. This is very exciting here at Truthmedia because we have been wanting a reason to jump on the blogging band wagon and now we have it.

Well I learned a lot from the blogging seminar. I learned that short and constant entries are best and that linking to other people increases their standing. (Thats why Orangejack always links to the stories instead of just telling people)

You can tell I learned a lot because I have linked to different people. I still have some questions, so I am sending it out to the blogging community, What is the difference between Bloglines and Technorati? Are they a completely different thing?

Stay tuned because we are currently working on The Write Click blog and I definately will be talking about it.


rob said...

Bloglines lets you read the subscription feeds of any site with RSS (blogs).

Technorati is kinda like Google for Blogs. With technorati you can search for a keyword, save it as a watchlist, then put that watchlist RSS feed into Bloglines along with all the other blogs you want to read.

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if not. Also I've got a category on my blog for tips like this...though I haven't talked about Technorati much.

the salmon said...

ahh the blogfather speaks. he's got an answer for most everything, for that, i am thankful.