Thursday, December 22, 2005

Comments for other bloggers

My friend Mandy has a great conversation going on her blog. There has been some discussion about how single people should not worry about getting married and that you have to be comfortable in your own skin. I made some comments and I might have been harsh in my first comment and for that I ask for forgiveness from my fellow bloggers. What I said has some truth in it, as single women we hear married women say the same thing. I am so tired of hearing the same advice. Can someone tell me how not to care about the future and finding Mr. Right? Until I hear some advice that is useful and can be done in a pratical way then I will listen. But to say live your life to the fullest is not pratical advice, how do you know we aren't? Is it wrong to hope and desire for the future?

How can we live life to the fullest when married people feel sorry for us because we aren't married yet. All I am saying is that if you are going to give us advice then give us pratical advice that has relevance to our lives. Just maybe remember back to what it felt like to go to party filled with couples and your the only single one there. Now thats courage! I know that God has someone special for everyone if he puts that desire in your heart and sometimes God waits a long time to send that special person to you but instead of looking at married and singles as enemies maybe we can offer constructive practical advice and not pity.

For Mandy don't let what anom#1 get you down. You are the opposite of helpless, you have more courage than anyone I know.


rob said...

Man, I am so sorry for the way others are judging you. I'm married and I love it. But I remember not being married and the feelings of going back and forth of wishing for it and not thinking about it. 'Course I'm a guy so I'm a bit clueless sometimes.

You seek advice. I have none. I can only tell you my story. I stopped praying for a wife and focused on the things God had already given me. Later I met Patricia.

But that's my story. It may not be yours. I pray that you find peace where you need it, and answers to the longings of your heart. They are God-inspired.

Leah said...

Thank you Rob, your advice is not mean. Everyone out there seeking to give advice take note of my friend Rob, he did in a kind way. Thank you Rob. Your a good friend and your advice is good. I will take head of it.

Leah said...

opps I spelled heed wrong. Some editor I am.

rob said...

You're a good friend too, Leah. Now I need to heed to bed.


Patricia said...

Hey Leah, Since I'm married I can't totally relate to you. But I can relate in a sense. All my married friends have kids, and we don't. So usually Rob and I go to parties where everyone has kids and we don't. It can be awkard and not always fun for us. We'd like to have kids, but it hasn't happened yet and we've been married 9 years. And it is hard not to think about the future. But I try not to think about it too much because I know we may never have kids, so I try and enjoy life the best I can where God has me right now. I trust that God knows best.

I don't know why people feel sorry for single people because their not married. That's just stupid! There are so many things that singles can do easier than marrieds. Being married is great and hard at the same time. But I think being single is also great and hard at the same time.

So, not much advice from me. But I can understand from a different situation.

Leah said...

Thanks Patricia you guys are such good friends. I think God has wonderful and great plans for you two and your faifullness to God's plan will work out in the end. I am at a point in my life that I am so happy being single. Man, I bought a Condo on my own! I feel great and I am having a blast. Tell Rob that what he said on Mandy's blog was really awesome and encouraging. Some people can be so harsh out there in the blogging world. Your trusty friend Pickles the Fat Hobbit.

Patricia said...

Are you going to blog again soon?

Leah said...

when I have time. I don't have a computer at home and I don't want to stay late and I need my lunch time to get away from the desk.