Friday, July 07, 2006

Ready to Talk

Thank you all for your sincere words of encouragement and care. I really appreciate it. I have been off this week and I think God has perfect timing. I really needed this time just to be quiet and heal. Some may read this and say "it's just a dog" he was more than that to me, he was an unique creature created to make a lasting impact on my life. He gave me love when no one else did, he listen with eagerness when I talked out loud. He was a warm fuzzy being, that sat by my side when I needed not to feel alone. He was a crazy, goofy dog that cracked me up laughing.

You all might be wondering how he came to pass . On Saturday Molson started experiencing seizures the vet told us that he had cancer in the brain and that the seizures would only be getting more frequent and less intense. That was when we decided that it was better for him. So in a quiet room with a cozy fireplace and a blanket on the floor we said goodbye. He died with his most treasured people around him. For me, the treasure was in his life and what he taught me. Love the people in your life with your whole heart and cherish the moments and experiences with them. That's the meaning of life.

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rob said...

thanks for sharing. don't be embarassed. i get it. it's tough.