Friday, November 17, 2006

Memories of my teenage years

The last official piece of my teenage years are going away. My Dad's black Aerostar van has finally died and my parents have bought a new SUV.

It actually is affecting me more than I realized. I learned how to drive in that van, the van has moved me all the way to Edmonton and back, it has moved me into my place now. I remember doing my grade 12 car rally in that van. This is an end of era.

I think my Parents are more excited than I am because they bought a 2007 Saturn Vue, in cybress green. It is very pretty but it doesn't hold the memories like my Dad's van.

Life moves on and things turn to dust but the memories are what stay with us. This new SUV will have some of it's own memories I am sure.

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Angel said...

The car rally van?!?! Awwww...