Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saying Goodbye

As you have been reading, the last couple months I have blogged a lot about Bella. She has really helped me get over Molson. I still miss Molson, he still means so much to me but Bella has helped heal my heart a lot. With Bella becoming more and more important in my life, I have felt the need to have pictures of her around me. On my desk at work, I have two pictures of Molson in frames and I have his picture on my computer desktop. I think I am ready to take Molson's pictures off my desk. I am not ready to take Molson's picture off my desktop (everything in moderation, right?)

This is a big step for me because it feels like I am moving on and Molson's season of life has ended. It is hard letting go but God has blessed me with another crazy dog to focus my attentions on. Oh what a crazy dog she is!

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