Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 9th

No baby yet. But the head is engaged and that means anytime now. She better not come late because I am ready to meet her. I am ready to have my body back, to be able to roll over in bed and not feel like a egg. I like the weather the way it is now but not last week. When it was so hot, I had to find some water so Gray and I went to the waterpark in Walnut Grove, you should've seen the looks we got from the parents, they were all looking for any kids that belonging to us. I did not care!

With the heat my feet have swelled up a lot so the doctors put me on more rest, I guess I was too busy getting my house organized. Once I relaxed, I got a cold so thats what I have been doing laying on the couch watching the first season of lost. I am hooked now.

I just thought I would check in. Got to go. Hopefully next time there will be news of a baby.


Anonymous said...

Keep the updates coming.

sarah said...

Hey Leah... so it's the 13th and I prayed last night your little one would already be here. I hope she is not running late! I'm excited to get an update when I get to work tomorrow so if you get this (and that probably means Baby Kullman isn't here) send a message along to Terri or Claire.

We're keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers!

the salmon said...

hope to hear about the little one soon!