Sunday, July 20, 2008

No baby- July 20th

I think she listened to me when I told her she is staying in till she is 18. Kids really do hear everything you say. Doctors say that she is healthy, doing fine. She just doesn't want to come out now. She still hasn't fully engaged, two possible reasons, I have a small pelvis (the one with big hips, I don't believe that) or she has a big head, like her father. I choose the second. If nothing happens I am scheduled for an induction to get the ball rolling. Then we will know if her head is too big.

Don't worry we will notify people when something happens. We have been getting a lot of calls, and we have to answer the phone everytime with "no baby yet." We are seriously thinking of putting that on our answering machine.

Hopefully, next time I blog will be with news. I know I said that last time.


the salmon said...

i hope your girl has arrived by now, but if not, i do know how you feel (i was 10 days late with zeke, and then induced).

as for the answering machine, its worth it to just put "no baby yet" so that you can let it go to voicemail when you are not feeling like jumping up to answer (which would probably be ALWAYS when you're overdue!) but hopefully baby is there for you now!

Karen said...

Hi Leah and Graham. Congratulations on the healthy birth of little baby Karis Christina! What a beautiful name! Can't wait to see pictures.