Friday, November 28, 2008

4 Months

On Monday, Karis turned four months. It's hard to believe. She rolled over for the first time on Nov. 8th and now we can't stop her from rolling. She is holding her head up strong and trying to sit up sometimes. I don't have my camera here to download pictures but she getting bigger and more beautiful as the days go on. Some people say she looks just like me when I was little and some say she looks just like Graham. My mom has decided that Graham and I must have looked a lot a like when we were babies (I am not sure how to take that :-) She without a doubt has my blue eyes and Graham's nose. We see signs of red in her hair so we think she might have strawberry blond hair like Graham.

I hear my baby crying so I must go but I hope all is well in blogland. If I don't write, I hope everyone will have a great Christmas!

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amanda salmon said...

sounds like you are doing well! nice to see pics and the updates.