Thursday, January 22, 2009

6 months

I know I skipped a month but 5 months was on Christmas Eve. The last two months have gone by so fast and Karis is changing every day. We are soo loving this stage right now, she is extremely interactive, making sounds and laughing at us but she doesn't talk back yet! She is sort of mobile, she rolls over and she is pushing her butt in the air to get ready to crawl. We had to start her on rice cereal 2 weeks ago because she was not sleeping through the night, one night she got every hour and half. Rice cereal has done the trick! Graham loves feeding her, she goes wild when he comes around with a bowl.

We still can't believe that she is going to be six months, thats half a year! It feels so sureal because it has gone by so quickly that putting it the context of a year it really makes us step back and go, whooo.

Oh well I wanted to check in and give a little update but honestly, long posts aren't going to happen a lot because I much rather be spending time with my wonderful, amazing daughter.

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