Thursday, March 05, 2009

8 months

I can't believe she is 8 months, boy time just flies by. Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast!!! All she wants to do is walk or stand . I never crawled and went straight to walking so we think she is going to follow in my footsteps (no pun intended ok maybe a little intended ;-) She can only walk if we are holding her hands, she can't walk on her own yet but I say in the next months she will be. She just starting to get into position for crawling but she rather walk. She is a jatter box especially when it is time to go to sleep, she loves Bella and wants to pet Dutch (Graham's cat) all the time. She still has no teeth, her hair is finally growing, she has little wisps around her ears. She adores her dadda and I think Graham was born to be a father, he is so amazing with her. He lives for her! Here are some pictures of her over the last couple of months:

I love the one below, that smile just encompasses her essence.

Yes, its her middle finger but she has no clue, but this picture shows the hair she is getting. I love the picture below because I am usually the one behind the camera and so I finally get a picture with my sweet pea.

I just read Marley and Me and the dog so reminds me of Bella but this picture just makes me think about the relationship between a dog and the children in their lives. I love this picture.

Karis has been such a joy, and such a wonderful daughter. She is always happy and such an easy going baby. She makes be proud day after day, hour after hour and minute after minute. She is such a blessing, my life is forever changed.

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Beck's Bulletin said...

Fun to catch up on you and your little sweetheart! What a cutie!