Friday, February 18, 2005

2 years

Well I have reached a milestone in my so called professional life, I have lasted 2 years at Campus Crusade for Christ, as of Feb. 17. Many people will say "2 years that not very long" but its long for me. Just realize that I graduated from University 3 years ago (I can't remember the exact date). So most of my professional career is now. Today people my age go from job to job, staying at a job is not common with people my age. So some people will look at this and say, 2 years so what! but for me this a big thing.


the salmon said...

congratulations! i think 2 years is very commendable :)

i've been working full time for 7 years and the longest i have worked at one job is 2.5 years (also at CCC) which when my mat leave is over, will technically be 3.5 years :)

so good show!

Patricia said...

Way to hang in there! I think 2 years is a long time.