Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Curly hair

Yesterday, I was too tired to blow my hair dry and straighten it like I always do. So I let my hair go natural, curls and all. Everyone commented on it. I always find it strange when that happens. Are people saying that they don't like my hair straight? Also, its not like I haven't worn my hair curly before and so I don't understand why people are so surprised that I have curly hair. They always say "Wow, I didn't know you have curly hair" but they do know because they said it last time!
I guess I shouldn't be surprised either. I guess I have to mix up the curly and straight hair days so people won't be so surprised.


the salmon said...

hi leah (check out my latest blog entry, i have a special message for you ;)
regarding your curly hair: when people say the same thing they said the time b4, that's just people being silly and forgetful i guess.

as far as getting complimented for your curly hair, thats great :) its always a good idea to take the compliment for what it is. i think the curly hair brings out different features of your face than the straight hair and thats why its noticeably different and inspires comments.

Patricia said...

I had no idea you had curly hair, but I haven't been around you long enough to know that. You should put a picture up so I can see!