Friday, February 04, 2005


Lately, I have been really eager to have some space to myself. I get so excited when I have the place to myself. It is really funny I also thought that I was someone who needs people around me. I have always thought that I am a pretty outgoing person and social but I just been craving aloneness. When my lease is up at my place I think that I will try to find a place on my own. If I can afford it. Its not because I am having problems with my bossy roomate but I think that I have just decided to grow up.


kelly said...

where have i been? i didn't know you had moved from your parents. then again, we haven't worked together for a year!

Patricia said...

It's nice to be alone for awhile sometimes. I kinda like it when Rob goes out of town, even though I do miss him. It's my alone time. Let's chat Tuesday, does that work?

the salmon said...

i think that sounds like a good idea leah :)
there are some benefits to having a roomate but living on your own will definitely be a growing experience and it sounds like you're up for it!