Monday, February 06, 2006

My favorite place

It's has been 7 months since Molson has been diagnosed with Cancer and he isn't sick yet. He is the same guy he was before happy, playful and loving. We wanted to take some pictures of Molson in his favorite place before he couldn't enjoy it. So, one of my dad's co-workers who is a photographer volunteered his services and we trecked out in the muddy fields so that we could take pictures of Molson in all his glory.

I have been thinking about favorite places and quiet places. I notice that in my live I go through seasons when I need to be around people and times when I just want peace and quiet. I am not in that season right now but I seem to have that. My roommate is great, she's not violent, she wouldn't even think of assaulting me with the phone when she wouldn't get her way. A major improvement from my last pyscho roommate ( do you think its alright if I said her name now? I don't know the protocal). But my new roommate likes staying in her room a lot so I have been forced to be alone in the evenings. I don't like it! I can hear all of you out there saying, well go out and do things. Yes, that would be a logical answer to my problem but I hate to go do things alone. So the cycle goes on. Does anyone have a good book to read?

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Patricia said...

Memoirs of a Geisha is really good.