Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Lately I have been thinking about how little things about Molson's personality I am going to miss when he passes on. I think I have been in denial or maybe its hope but I have to come to reality that Molson will die. He really does have cancer and that the Vet was not wrong in his diagnosis.

What I am going to miss about Molson, is that he has this quiet, calming effect that soothes a person when down or melancoly. He just lays by your feet and you instantly feel comfort without knowing it. When my Grandma was sick and staying at my parents, Molson stayed by her side and she even know comments on how comforting he was to her at that time. That's a lot for my Grandma to say because she doesn't like animals, but Molson now has a soft spot in my Grandma's heart.

Another thing that I love about Molson is that he doesn't want anyone to be alone. If I am visiting my parents and we all in different rooms, he spends his time going from room to room spending 10 minutes with one person and then maybe 15 if the next person needs more company. He just has an intutive sense to know when he is needed.

One thing that I take for granted is that when he would be in the way, he is not. Like in the kitchen, most dogs like to be underfoot in case food is dropped, but when we are in the kitchen Molson is always in the hallway just watching and ready to be near us when the time is right.

All these attributes of Molson, remind of God. I am not saying Molson is God but I do think animals know more about God then we can possibly understand.

God is there when you are sad and is a soothing, calming, peaceful presence.
God doesn't want you to be alone and wants to spend time with you.
God doesn't want to be in your way but he wants to be invited to your life.

Molson is a blessing from God and Molson has taught a lot about the attributes of God. Wouldn't it be cool if we could radiant the love of God like a loving dog does to his master.

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