Monday, March 13, 2006

Blizard Beach

My grandma gave me a gift with one stipulation and that was I have to take a vacation with this gift and it has to be somewhere far away. So I booked my flight today and I am going to go see my good friends Rob and Patricia ( I didn't tell them this) but I want to go to DisneyWorld one day to the blizard beach park. It's like the artic but at a water park. Good park to go to for this Canadian girl eh?


rob said...

What? You're going to tell us what you want to do without consulting us? Harrumph!


Looking forward to it. Send us your flight plans!

Leah said...

Hee Hee, I knew that would get a response. We were looking on the DisneyWorld site and I saw that and we all thought that it would be fun to go to. I really don't care, you guys can show me anything in Florida.

the salmon said...

thats awesome leah! have a great vacation, sounds really fun.

Patricia said...

I LOVE Blizard Beach and I'll definitely go with you! I don't ever has people to go to water parks with. So YAY!!!

It's a great water park!