Friday, March 31, 2006

Pickles the Fat Hobbit

I noticed on my friend Patricia's blog, that she has me on her "Blogs you should read" list and she labeled me "Pickles the Fat Hobbit". It got me thinking. Pickles the Fat Hobbit was born from one Canadian Thanksgiving dinner . I was having Thanksgiving Dinner in my place for the first time. I invited my friends Rob and Patricia since they were from the States and I wanted them to be part of it. Well, as we are sitting around the table, my father who is very proud of me and loves to brag about me (yes, I am Daddy's little girl. I am an only child so I am allowed) told my friends that when I was young my nickname was Pickles, because I love pickles. They both laughed. Then after a delicious Thanksgiving meal, I pronouced that I was so stuffed I was like "A Fat Hobbit" an term I got from my friend Heather. Well, ha haa it stuck, from then on Rob and Patricia called me Pickles the Fat Hobbit. Rob really encouraged me to name my blog that but I just couldn't do it, so as my first post I labeled it "Death to Pickles the Fat Hobbit" it was a great first post.

As I host Easter dinner in my very own Condo, I can't help but remember how much fun that Thanksgiving was and how Pickles the Fat Hobbit was created.

P.S. I am not fat, so don't worry I have a healthy respect for my body and I am not trying to put myself down.


rob said...

I agree, I never thought you fat. You started it!

And I still think it's a great name for a blog!

Andie said...

Or a band. Maybe you should start a band?

Heather said...

Hehe, I must say ... I am sooo proud that others also choose to use "fat hobbit" as a descriptive word after a large dinner :) It really is a great one.