Friday, October 20, 2006

Hilarious story

Last spring I went to the Chriopractor because I was having troubles with my hips.Iit has been awhile since I needed to go but while I was looking after Bella I fell down the back stairs and hurt my left hip. So, I made my appointment with Dr. Johnny. Dr. Johnny is hot!!! He looks like Kaysar from Big Brother. My left butt check hurt more, and well it was soo funny having hot Dr. Johnny feel out my butt! He decided that it was too tight to use ART on (wow should I take that as a compliment!) so he needed to use a machine that would send little shocks that stimulate the blood flow and will loosen up any knots. Ok, so Dr. Johnny had to put these little electrodes all over my butt, if felt like someone was squeezing my butt. I am so happy he left the room at that time because it was taking all of my strength not to burst out into laughter.

Ok, so the time was up and he had to take off the electrodes, what I didn't tell you that he had to but a gel like substance, so now he had somehow wipe it off. In my head I was saying "ahhhh, Dr. Johnny is wiping my butt." It was the most hilarious thing and I couldn't laugh. Why couldn't my Dr. Johnny be old and bald then it wouldn't bother me so much. Well, I have another appointment so stay tuned for more hilarious stories.

Hey I could do a Pickles the Fat Hobbit book about this but I have feeling that it might be too x-rated for a childrens book. Pickles the Fat Hobbit and Hot Dr. Johnny!


orangejack said...

that is really funny!

Susan Knight said...

Tea just came through my nose..

Susan Knight :)

kimu said...

cool. you used the word butt 4 times in one post.

and what's with women getting excited about hot male doctors? is it the lab coat?

Stefanie said...

Wow. I'm not quite sure what to say to that. Maybe just that if it were me in your position, my reflex action might be to punch the doctor, hot or not.

You could start your own TV series called Leah's Anatomy.

laurs said...

hahahahaha, that's hilarious! nono leah, you gotta remember, HE's the lucky one! hahaha

kim, I don't understand the getting excited about docs thing either... never understood it really.

ps. in my books, chiros aren't drs. hahahaha oops.

westcoastloon said...

ok um woah there Laurs. . . my brother is a Chiro and he's got the student loans to prove he's a *real* doctor!