Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Autumn breezes

I can feel the change in the air, Fall is coming. I see the trees change color and I am getting so excited. Fall is always soothing to me. The colors of the changing leaves are like a warm cozy blanket. The bright crisp air is so refreshing and beautiful. The way life gets back into a routine, signifies a new beginning and a time to reflect on the Summer.

I was truly blessed this Summer. I was lucky to run barefoot a lot, feel the refreshing, soothing feeling of the lake on a hot dry day. I basked on a floating mattress while soaking up the summer rays. I celebrated with family and friends under the cover of fragrant grapes and ate delicious food and wine. I mourned the death of a beloved friend and pet and got frustrated with the new beloved puppy's behaviour. I laughed with friends till I almost peed my pants. I worshiped my Lord and creator in the beautiful BC mountains.

I was able to see God's love for me in these experiences and through the people that I got to share it with. SHMILY- yes God I see.

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