Monday, August 07, 2006

Working out with Paul Henderson

Yep, thats right me and Paul Henderson are tight. I pump iron with Paul. This past week I have been up at Whistler partaking in Staff Conference and one of the cool things is that we stayed in a nice hotel with a work-out room. I did not want to give up on my work-out schedule so I got up early as usual and went down. In walks Paul Henderson, he said hello and ask how I was doing, my inner monolog was screaming, "Ahh, Paul Henderson knows who I am" but then he told me that I did really great last night and I am thinking "umm ok, I didn't do anything last night" and then he asked me how my husband was. AHH, in my head I said "husband, I have a husband does Paul know something I don't know" but then I clued in no, he has me mistaken for the emcee at staff conference. Trust me I didn't look anything like her. So I had to correct Paul Henderson but then I introduced myself properly.

So, at the the conference everytime he say me he said hello and used my real name. Yep, me and Paul Henderson are tight, we're work-out buddies.

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Andrew said...

You could have at least asked him what your supposed husband looked like and was he nice and was he the type to remember flowers on February 14th ... but then again maybe you did the right thing. This supposed husband might have called and wanted you to run to the store or something. Much better to hang with Paul.

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