Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bruised Bum

I know you all are saying, too much information. But the story is rather hilarious. On the weekend after Staff conference I felt like I needed to spend some quality time with my family. So we decided after dinner that we would take Bella to Crescent Beach. All was going well, Bella was retrieving the ball (like a good golden retriever should) and then she decides to run under the fence and escape. My dad went the long way to go get her but my mom wanted me to climb the fence to go get her. She wouldn't because she was wearing a skirt (I was too but her excuse was that I am younger)

Well, by the time I was over the fence Bella had come back, of course!!. As I was trying to come back the other way, I kinda of got stuck (don't ask) so my Dad offered to help lift me off the fence, but he dropped me!!!! and I fell back onto a rock, my elbows are all scraped up and I have the biggest, blackest, bluest bruise I have ever had but the funny thing is that it really didn't hurt that much.

It really makes me laugh when I see it because it was such a funny scene. My mom is worried about how black it is because she is afraid that I am going to get blood clots (because she did a couple of years ago) so she wants me to go to the doctor. Yeah right!!! Can you imagine the call to the doctors:

Me: Hi I need to make an appointment for the Doctor
receptionist: And what is this regarding?
Me: The bruise on my bum!!!

Yeah thats not going to happen. I am going to be fine. And no you are not going to get a picture of it.

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