Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stupid/Evil Car

A couple posts before I told you of the incident where my car wouldn't start. It was hilarious at the time but I have to say it's not so funny anymore. Tuesday I awoke 15 minutes before I had to be at work. Good thing I live 5 minutes away. I was all ready by 8:00 and I would have only been 5 minutes late which I could have easily made the time up. But guess what!!! My stupid/evil car wouldn't start!!!! All my luck. So, I had to walk to work. I was 20 minutes late. I kicked my car a couple of times in my frustration. Well, I think I made her mad when I kicked her because ever since she still won't work. I have been walking to work ever since. My car is almost as stubborn as I am.

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