Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love Bella

Some how that crazy puppy has crept into my heart. I don't know how or when but I love Bella. I love Bella in a different way than Molson (I still miss him and always will). Bella is definately a different puppy than Molson was. Molson was an easy going, happy go lucky puppy that learned quickly. He was confident that he was wanted and much loved so had no reason to be bad but Bella has been a crazy and bad puppy.

She steals food from the counter, chews my favorite flip flops and lays on the flowers but somehow I absolutely love her. I love how she is the biggest clutz (a girl after my own heart or feet). She trips over her big paws when she runs and just does a roll on the ground and gets up and goes. She loves her belly being rubbed and lays spread eagle on her back (it's rather indecent). I love how when on her back is itchy she rolls around on her back growling at herself. She likes to give hugs and all she wants to do is to be with us. I think she a Dennis the Menace of the dog world. She is going to be an amazing dog, I am sure our days are going to be full of crazy antics and hilarious stories.

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