Sunday, September 24, 2006

Living in a house

Well, the next three weeks I am living in a house, with no noisy people below me or above me, no long trecks to take the garbage out and I don't have to go through 3 security doors to get inside the building. But instead I have one 9 month puppy that I have to feed, take for walks and make sure she doesn't get in trouble (ha haa hahhha, like thats not going to happen), one lawn to cut, 4 TV's with full cable (yeahhhhh) and I have to take care of my Grandma but she isn't living with me. Where's my parents you say? Why do I have so much responsibility at such a young age? Because my parents are running around Italy, cheeze those parents are so irresponsible! All I can say is that they better bring me back some Prada something.

Not having my parents around has really opened my eyes, I have realized the day when my parents aren't around I am truley going to be by myself. I have no siblings, my Mom is an only child too, no Aunts and Uncles around. My future is all my responsiblity, I better start a RRSP now so that I can afford buying that shack by the beach when I retire. It's all on my shoulders. Hey maybe I can sell off my Prada shoes that my parents are bringing back from Italy, that will be a healthy start to my retirement fund.

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